Ep. 24 | You Were Created for This with Danielle Roberts

In this episode I’m joined by my friend Danielle Roberts, a wife, mom of four, author, and online business manager and mentor for Christian entrepreneurs.

Today we have having a candid conversation about what it’s like to juggle multiple roles at the same time, and how God is teaching us to show up with focus, excellence and intention in the work He has created and called us to do.

We believe you were created for great things, and hope that you’ll walk away from this conversation feeling encouraged to keep showing up and letting God work in and through you.

What You'll Hear:

  • How God has created and called each of us for specific work

  • What it looks like to integrate work with all the other areas of your life

  • How to navigate changing seasons of life and work with faith and surrender

  • The importance of friendship, community and accountability in life and work

  • An honest exploration of the guilt we sometimes feel over juggling #allthethings

  • Why God didn't create you to do everything on your own, in your own strength

  • How to embrace the tension in seasons of growth

  • The importance of rest and why it's biblical

  • How to shift from being a fear-driven decision-maker, to a purpose-driven decision-maker

  • Why we believe that God will equip you for whatever He has created and called you to do

  • How to find your "people"

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All About Danielle:

Danielle Roberts is a wife, mom of four, author, online business manager and mentor for Christian women entrepreneurs.

As a business manager, she spends her days working with business owners to develop their business strategy and manage the details of their day-to-day.

As an author and mentor, she loves coming alongside women to show them how weaving faith into their business is possible.

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Grab Your Copy of Danielle's Devotional!

Created for This, a devotional for Christian women entrepreneurs, will guide you in growing stronger in your faith as you grow your business, and reaffirm your identity as a daughter of God as you become more aware of the truth that anything is possible in this life with Jesus!

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