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Ep. 37 | Time Management Tips for an Intentional Life

Throughout the past 10 years as I've settled into my life as a stay-at-home wife, homeschooling mom of four, and business owner the #1 question I get asked is: "How do you do it all?!" which I quickly reply, "I don't!!"

The reality is, no one can possibly do it all, and do it all well...but there are definitely some things I've learned along the way that help me manage my time well and make what matters happen.

In today's episode I am breaking down my three biggest tips for effective time management and taking you behind the scenes to see how I plan, organize, and manage my life with intention.

What You'll Hear:

  • Why I prioritize purposeful planning on a monthly, weekly and daily basis

  • The 3 main tools I use and love for planing & managing my time efficiently

  • How I've created monthly, weekly and daily rhythms to make specific things in my life flow on autopilot

  • Why I'm an advocate for time blocking (plus, what exactly that is and how to do it!)

Links & References:

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