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Ep. 49 | Why I Switched to Using Safer Products (& You Should Too!)

I’ve always been a pretty open book - especially when it comes to the challenges I’ve faced personally and the specific ways I’ve worked to overcome them.

My health journey over the years has been filled with all kinds of ups and downs, and healthy living is something I’ve developed a huge passion for because of what I’ve walked through.

In this episode I’m finally sharing a little bit of my health journey, and what led to me choosing to swap out our personal care and household products for safer alternatives.

I truly believe that knowledge is power, and when you know better, you can do better.

My hope is that after listening to this episode you’ll feel both inspired and empowered with practical ways to start embracing a healthier lifestyle for both yourself and your family.

What You'll Hear:

  • A quick rundown of my personal health challenges and journey

  • My experience with chronic pain, headaches, fatigue, severe mood swings, and more

  • What led to me finally deciding to swap my products for safer alternatives

  • Some shocking statistics about US products regulations & the toxins in our products

  • My secret for quickly deciding whether to keep or toss a product

  • The specific products I swapped out, and what brands I use and love

  • Realistic tips & advice for swapping out your products (that won’t break the bank!)

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What we put in and on our bodies MATTERS. Find out why, along with some simple tips for ditching your toxic products and switching to safer, healthier alternatives! | The Better Health Project™ with Kelsey Van Kirk