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The NEW Simply Life on Purpose Sisterhood is OPEN for Enrollment!

Psst...I have a super amazing, exciting surprise to share with you!

The doors to the newly-revamped Simply Life on Purpose Sisterhood are officially OPEN for enrollment for the first time in several months.

In this episode I'm sharing what exactly The Sisterhood is, the heart and vision behind this community, and how you can jump in and join us if it's a good fit for you in this season.

Here's the bottom line: if you love this podcast, want to dig deeper and implement what you're learning each week, and be part of an encouraging and supportive community of like-minded women who just get you, then The Sisterhood is for you.

Watch the Trailer for The Sisterhood:

What's Included in The Sisterhood:

• Access to an exclusive, members-only private Facebook group

• Weekly live prayer support, devotions and scripture memorization

• Weekly group discussion to share takeaways, ideas, and ask questions about the podcast

• Exclusive content & resources to help you implement what you're learning on the podcast

• Monthly live interviews and Q&A's with Kelsey and her podcast guests

• Optional monthly opportunity to pair up with an accountability partner

• Optional access to Kelsey for 1:1 monthly mentorship at an additional cost (limited availability - email to inquire!)

As a Sisterhood Member You Can Expect to:

• Gain confidence in your identity and purpose as a woman, wife, mom, and more

• Let go of what's been keeping you stuck and create space to focus on what matters most

• Learn strategies to help you simplify and streamline every area of your life

• Learn how to manage your time and your life well, with focus, joy and intention

• See positive changes in your heart, health, faith, marriage, motherhood, and home

• Experience less stress, overwhelm, anxiety, and discontentment

• Cultivate a deeper relationship with God and grow in your faith

• Gain real friendships with women who will uplift and encourage you every day

Here's What Members of The Sisterhood Are Saying:

"The Sisterhood has been a godsend for me! It has really helped me shift my mindset and focus on what matters. As always, Kelsey makes things simple and doable. I love the weekly prayer requests and joining in prayer to raise each other up. The weekly scriptures are so useful in keeping the theme on my mind throughout the month. And I love the live sessions and the guests she brings in! If you're on the fence about joining, I can promise you won't regret it if you do!"

Ashley NelsonMember Since November 2017

"The Sisterhood has fostered a sense of community that was truly missing from my life. This group of like-minded Christian women have worked their way into my heart and quickly become my tribe. Kelsey’s lessons have encouraged me to dig deeper into God’s Word in a season of my life when I thought I was “too busy” for daily quiet time."

Jerebeth Saylor, Member Since November 2017

"The Sisterhood is one of my favorite online spaces because I know the women are diligent in praying when asked, the content provided by Kelsey is great and feeds my heart, and the discussion is positive and uplifting. Being able to spend time learning from Kelsey and her guests is well worth the investment!"

Danielle Roberts, Member Since November 2017

“I joined The Sisterhood at a time when I was walking through the most challenging circumstances I have ever encountered in my life. In The Sisterhood I have found incredible support and encouragement. It is a safe and welcoming space that is incredibly positive and Christ-focused. Both Kelsey's teaching and the interaction from the other women have helped to grow my faith and look forward in my life with greater purpose and intention.”

Elizabeth Coyne, Member Since November 2017

“This Sisterhood community was exactly what I was looking for. It's the perfect blend of a rich, firm foundation in God's word, truth and love and real, practical ways of applying those truths to the various areas of motherhood and being a woman. Kelsey has been a beautiful encouragement to me through this community, and I feel cared for and connected with her even though I've never met her. I am grateful to be part of this community and truly look forward to the regular encouragement and growth it provides.”

Kelly Platt, Member Since November 2017

Are you ready to be part of a community that helps & encourages you to live your best life?

We not only want to see you become the wife, mother, and woman that God created you to be...we want to help you get there! Click below to join us in The Sisterhood.

We Appreciate You!

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