Ep 08: A Simplified Approach to Healthy Living with Meghan Birt

In this episode I'm joined by my good friend Dr. Meghan Birt, Chiropractor, Healthy Living Educator and Founder of Just Enjoy Health to discuss her unique and simplified approach to healthy living.

If you've ever felt completely overwhelmed by trying to live a healthy lifestyle and want both encouragement and some practical places to start, this episode is sure to have something for you.

What You'll Hear:

  • Meghan’s personal journey to healing and healthy living

  • The danger of food rules and how to find food freedom

  • The importance of proper supplementation

  • How starting small creates momentum and will help you avoid overwhelm

  • How to set yourself up for lasting, successful change in your health

  • Why your focus should be on nourishing your body

  • Kelsey’s personal struggles with adrenal fatigue, PMDD, anxiety, hormonal imbalances, etc

  • Why Meghan and Kelsey are advocates of functional medicine

  • Why it's important to take ownership of your health

  • Meghan’s simplified, holistic approach to healthy living

  • The #1 place you should start when seeking to living healthier

  • When it's appropriate to seek outside help (and where to look!)

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Are you ready to get healthy for good?

Check out Dr. Meghan's Just Enjoy Health Academy, which will walk you step-by-step through everything you need to know to simplify healthy living so you can begin to truly thrive.

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