Ep 05: How to Reset Your Habits & Routines

In this episode we are going to explore exactly what it takes to effectively change our habits and develop routines that work for our lives.

I’m going to share some of the latest research on habit formation as well as break down some habits I’m working on developing in 2018, along with the newly revamped routines I’m working on establishing in my life.

My hope is that you’ll walk away from this episode ready to evaluate your life, habits and routines and confidently work toward improving the areas that matter most to you this year.

What You'll Hear:

  • The difference between and definitions of "habits" and "routines"

  • The connection between our habits, routines and satisfaction with life

  • What the "habit loop" is (and how understanding it can change your life!)

  • Why having a plan and a system are essential to changing your habits successfully

  • The habits I'm working on developing in 2018

  • How to put your life in order with good routines that work for you

  • How to use routines to reduce decision fatigue

  • Why it's important to "make it hard to say no" when creating new habits

  • Why you shouldn't try to do things from memory

  • How to narrow your focus so you're not trying to change too much at once

  • My updated rhythms and routines for 2018


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