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Ep. 40 | Preparing for Back to School with NJ Rongner

In this episode I'm joined by NJ Rongner, Founder of Working Christian Mom, to discuss how we can prepare for the new school year with intention by setting goals as a family, having meaningful conversations so everyone is on the same page, and doing a few practical things to make this time of year easier, more efficient and flow well so you can enjoy a good school year (and feel a little less crazy and chaotic!)

What You'll Hear:

  • Encouragement to pray and seek God's will for your family and your kids this school year

  • The importance of setting goals and intentions as a family and helping your kids do the same

  • Why we recommend choosing specific life skills to help your kids develop throughout the year

  • Why we encourage having conversations as a family to get on the same page for the school year

  • A rally cry for all moms everywhere to ditch their "Supermom" expectations this year

Links & References:

All About NJ:

NJ Rongner is the host of the Working  Christian Mom podcast, a master time juggler and the biggest cheerleader you'll ever meet. She's a trail blazer and a difference maker who decided  that she could have the best of everything...loving her work, her family and Jesus. In between school pick up and drop off, she helps Christian women move their businesses from stuck to full steam, and encourages them to live life on purpose and for God's glory too.

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