Ep. 26 | Practical Tips for Intentional Living with NJ Rongner

Being a woman today is no easy feat. We are constantly dealing with pressures and expectations to do and be everything to everyone.

But I don’t believe that’s the life we were created for….I believe we were created to be and do ONLY what God has specifically called us to.

In this episode I’m chatting with my amazing friend and creator of the Working Christian Mom Podcast, NJ Rongner, about how we can practically show up in our roles each day with purpose and intention.

This one is sure to have you walking away feeling refreshed and encouraged to make the most of this day, season and life you’ve been given and never forget that we’re over here in your corner, cheering you on!

What You'll Hear:

  • Why NJ didn't love motherhood (at first!)

  • How to discern the difference between God's will and your will

  • Practical ways to show up well in your roles from season to season

  • Why "no" is a complete sentence

  • How to cultivate a legacy of making the most out of each day

  • The importance of embracing the kind of mom God created YOU to be

  • Why you need to be an action taker when things aren’t working

  • How to determine what matters...and what doesn't

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All About NJ:

NJ Rongner is a woman whose heart beats for encouraging other women. She's a failed stay at home mom who worked went back full time to corporate and promptly got laid off. She's a trail blazer and a difference maker who decided  that she could have the best of both worlds... loving her job, her family and Jesus. In between school pick up and drop off, she helps Christian women move their businesses from stuck to full steam and encourages them to live life on purpose and for God's glory too. She's the host of the Working  Christian Mom podcast, a master time juggler and the biggest cheerleader you'll ever meet. 

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