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Ep. 44 | Becoming a Positive, Purposeful Parent with Wendy Snyder

Parenting is HARD, no matter how you slice it. But what if you could approach it in a way that resulted in greater connection, fewer power struggles, better communication and feeling like you're actually doing a good job?

In this episode I'm chatting with Wendy Snyder, a Positive Parenting Coach & Founder of Fresh Start Family, about how to dig in and do the work of becoming a positive, purposeful parent.

This conversation is going to completely change the way you think about parenting in the BEST possible way, so get ready to have your mind blown! Are you ready?

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What You'll Hear:

  • What exactly positive parenting is and what the benefits are

  • A description of “power personalities” and how they play into parenting

  • Why Wendy believes it’s not your job to control your kids

  • How to parent in a way that doesn’t require fear, force, bribery, or rewards

  • Why we must change as people in order to change as parents

  • The importance of seeking connection over correction with your kids

  • How developing your own emotional intelligence will help you lead your kids well

Links & References:

Wendy Snyder is the founder of Fresh Start Family Online and a Positive Parenting teacher and family coach. Her mission is to help families parent with greater purpose and intention by creating healthy, respectful, and cooperative relationships. She is a Certified Parent Educator of Redirecting Children’s Behavior (RCB), The Joy of Parenting (JOP) and Jesus Guided Parenting (JGP) and an advocate for families.

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