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Ep. 52 | How to Navigate Seasons of Change & Transition with Brooke Sailer

As most of us mamas have, my friend and author Brooke Sailer has walked through some pretty crazy seasons of change and transition with her husband and four kiddos over the years.

In this episode you're going to hear her share some really practical advice, tools, and encouragement to help you navigate change and transition well as you continue to lead, serve, and love your family.

What You'll Hear:

  • What led Brooke and her to family to be “homeless” and living out of a hotel

  • Practical advice and suggestions for making home wherever you are

  • Tips for parenting kids through transition and helping them settle into change

  • The five basic needs of children and how to meet them wherever you are

  • The importance of reminding yourself and your family who you are & who God is

Links & Resources:

Brooke Sailer is a creative thinker, author, artist, gift-giver, and also...a shoelace-tier, lunch-packer, and former diaper-changer (thank goodness!) She is the proud wife of Scott, mom to their four kids, and Amazon bestselling author of (I'm Failing At) This Thing Called Home and (We’re) Homeless: Making Home Wherever You Go. Her primary mission: to help discouraged moms feel capable.

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Practical advice, tools and encouragement about how to navigate seasons of change and transition well as you continue to lead, serve, and love your family  | The Better Life Project™ with Kelsey Van Kirk