Ep. 28 | Embracing the Process of Living Transformed with Elisa Pulliam

Joining me today is my friend Elisa Pulliam, a life coach, mentor, speaker, and author of Meet the New You and Unblinded Faith.

In this episode we’re digging deep into an exploration of what it really looks like to walk through the messy process of healing and transformation in order to become everything God created us to be.

As Lisa says, if you crave unshakeable hope, it’s going to require cultivating an unblinded faith, and as you hear the powerful testimony of her journey, I hope you’ll be encouraged to press on and keep fighting to become everything God created YOU to be.

What You'll Hear:

  • Where the “need” for control comes from and how coming to the end of yourself can set you free

  • Elisa’s “trap and transform” principle (trap negative thoughts and renew your mind)

  • The power of forgiveness in your journey to healing

  • The reality of the process of transformation (it’s a long-term game)

  • The fruit makes the journey worth it

  • How developing a daily devotion practice grows your spiritual confidence

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All About Elisa:

Elisa Pulliam is the author of Meet the New You, Unblinded Faith and founder of the ministry More to Be. She is a certified life coach, mentor, and speaker who is passionate about inspiring women to experience a fresh encounter with God for the sake of impacting the next generation. Elisa and her husband, Stephen, savor life together with their four children.

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