Ep 02: Living on Purpose as a Family with Andrew Van Kir

Part of living an intentional life is learning to live on purpose with the people you're doing life with each day.

In this episode I'm joined by my amazing husband, Andrew Van Kirk, to explore what it looks like to live on purpose together as a family, and share some practical tips to help you be more intentional in all the areas of your family life.

If you're married, we encourage you to tune in with your spouse, then download and go through this free workbook we've put together to help you take action on the ideas you'll hear in the episode!

What You'll Hear:

  • The story of how we met and got together (well, the abridged version!)

  • The importance of knowing what matters to you, both individually and as a family

  • How to create a solid foundation of vision and purpose as a family

  • The difference between a contract and a covenant (and why it matters in marriage)

  • How to partner with your spouse to work toward a common vision as a family

  • Our Meyers Briggs personality types

  • Why it's important to live proactively instead of reactively

  • How your attitude and perspective dictate how you experience

  • How the thoughts you think inevitably determine your actions in life

  • The importance of prioritizing consistent, intentional communication as a couple

  • Why kids learn more from watching what you do, than by listening to what you say

  • How to leverage and celebrate your separate strengths as a couple

  • Simple tips to help you intentionally cultivate your relationships with your spouse and kids

  • Why cultivating intentional relationships is about making sure people feel seen and cared for

  • How to do the best you can with what you have, where you're at

  • How to incorporate your kids into the things you want or have to do

  • How to parent based on your kids' unique personalities and needs

  • The importance of understanding each others’ love languages

  • How to serve your spouse well by paying attention and loving sacrificially for the greater good

  • Andrew’s #1 tip for remembering the important things that show he cares

  • Our successes and failures in 2017, and what we’re focusing on cultivating in 2018

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