Ep 14: Lessons Learned in 9 Years of Marriage with Andrew Van Kirk

This week Andrew and I are celebrating 9 years of marriage, and in today's episode we are sharing 9 lessons we have both learned throughout the course of our relationship.

Our hope is that hearing about each of these things we've learned will help inspire and encourage you in your own marriage (and potentially help you avoid some of the mistakes we've made!!)

Ps - We would LOVE for you to listen to this episode with your husband if you're married, so try to carve out 45 minutes sometime this week to make it happen together!

And, if there's anyone else you can think of who could use some encouragement in their marriage, take a quick minute to share this episode with them.

What You'll Hear:

  • Why we believe marriage isn't 50/50 (and what we believe instead!)

  • The importance of being a student of your spouse and why you should never stop learning

  • Why we believe boundaries in marriage are important, and how to determine and communicate boundaries that serve your marriage well

  • What it means to "do life together" as a couple and how to cultivate a family culture of togetherness

  • Why proximity doesn't equal presence, and how to make sure you're really connecting with each other

  • The importance of addressing problems or conflict promptly and appropriately (in love and with restoration and reconciliation as the ultimate goal)

  • Why we are BIG advocates of counseling, and how going to counseling has radically impacted our relationship throughout its changing seasons

  • One of the biggest things that may be part of your life that is sucking the joy from your life and marriage

  • Why we believe it's more important to do right than be right

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