Ep. 18 | How to Live a Bold Life with Lilah Higgins

In this episode I’m joined by one of my very best friends, Lilah Higgins who is a wife, mom of two, artist, speaker, author and Founder of The Higgins Creative to discuss one of my favorite topics: what it means and looks like to be bold in pursuit of a life well-lived.

You’ll hear us explore what exactly “living boldly” means to us, and how we have both purposed to boldly pursue God’s best for our lives, marriages, motherhood, businesses, and so much more.

My hope is that you’ll walk away from this episode feeling empowered and equipped to be BOLD in your own life by embracing the fullness of everything God has in store for you.

What You'll Hear:

  • How Lilah has lived boldly her whole life as she shares a detailed account of her personal journey through life, marriage, motherhood and entrepreneurship

  • The importance of learning to "do it afraid" if you want to live the life God is calling you to

  • One of Lilah's favorite quotes, "How we spend our days is how we spend our lives" by Annie Dillard, and how she chooses to embrace a life that aligns

  • Why having an eternal can help you stay focused on boldly pursuing where God's leading you

  • What Lilah believes boldness does and does not mean

  • How to authentically weave your faith and who you are into your business

  • Why we are called to live differently

  • How Satan plants seeds of distraction in our minds and lives to keep us stuck

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All About Lilah:

Lilah Higgins, alongside her husband, is the co-founder of The Higgins Creative, a brand styling agency for coaches, consultants, and creatives. Taking her fine art training into the online space, she works with purpose-driven and core-centered companies who want to build an effective and cohesive brand across platforms.

She drinks her coffee iced, loves a good slice of ahi, and enjoys opening her home to people.

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