Ep 12: Keeping Your Hustle Holy with Michelle Myers

In this episode I’m joined by my incredible friend Michelle Myers, author of Famous in Heaven and at Home and founder of she works His way, to discuss what it means to find freedom in the gift of God’s grace and pursue excellence in every area of our lives.

If you’ve ever struggled with keeping your God-given priorities in check and need some encouragement to help you keep your hustle holy and grounded in God’s truth, this episode is sure to change your life.

What You'll Hear:

  • Why our focus shouldn't be on getting stuff done, but doing what matters

  • The power and importance of living from a place of surrender

  • How Michelle's journey through battling an eating disorder brought her to where she is today

  • The humble beginnings of she works His way

  • The ten POWERFUL statements that make up the swHw charge

  • Why you'll never find peace when living in pursuit of the world

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All About Michelle:

Michelle Myers is a wife and mama of three on a mission to help women grow their businesses while protecting their priorities. She's the founder of she works His way, a monthly membership for Christian women in business, creator of the swHw Business Tracker, a quarterly resource for holy hustle, author of Famous in Heaven and at Home: a 31-Day Character Study of the Proverbs 31 Woman, and a business consultant who helps purpose-driven entrepreneurs clarify their brand and message.

Grow your business while protecting your priorities.

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