Ep 10: Finding Courage on the Home Front with Brooke Sailer

In this episode I am joined by my amazing friend Brooke Sailer, a wife, homeschooling mom to four littles and bestselling author of the book (I’m Failing at) This Thing Called Home.

During our conversation we explore how we as women can find the courage to show up well and flourish in every area of our lives, from marriage, to motherhood, to homemaking and everything else in between.

If you're ready to find YOUR courage on the home front, grab a cup of coffee, pop those earbuds in and join us for this inspiring, encouraging and hope-filled conversation!

What You'll Hear:

  • The beginnings of Brooke's marriage & motherhood journey

  • Why serving her family looks like doing common things uncommonly well

  • How Brooke went from sitting around watching hours of HGTV every day to teaching classes to other women on home order and organization

  • Why Brooke is an advocate of doing things afraid

  • The power of “little by little” progress

  • How we can all decide to focus on doing things that don’t require talent

  • The role mindset plays in developing courage

  • How confidence is developed by "doing it afraid" over and over again

  • Why homemaking isn't a talent, but rather a skill you can develop

  • How God will continually ask you to do new things afraid, to continue growing and refining you

  • The continual process of doing NEW things afraid (God will also continue to grow and refine us

  • Why we can have faith in the fact that we never have to do it all on our own

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All About Brooke:

Brooke Sailer is a creative thinker, author, artist, gift-giver, and also...a diaper-changer, shoelace-tier, and lunch-packer. She is the very proud wife of Scott Sailer and homeschooling mom to their four kids. She is the Amazon bestselling author of the book "(I'm Failing At) This Thing Called Home". Her primary mission is to help discouraged moms feel capable. You can follow along with Brooke on her website, on Facebook and Instagram.

Ready to find your courage at home?

Do you feel like a failure amidst chaos and mess, and long to be a good homemaker? This book is for you. Every word is brave, bringing possibilities to life straight from the mind of another busy mom.

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