Ep 04: Creating Space for God to Move with Entrice Rowe

One of the biggest things I've learned this past year that has radically transformed my life is how important it is to consistently create space to nourish your spirit and spend time in God's sustaining presence.

In this episode I'm joined by author, speaker, life coach, and my personal mentor, Entrice Rowe, to explore what it looks like to create space in our lives to hear from God and watch Him move on our behalf.

If you are ready to leave insecurity, overwhelm, anxiety, and discontentment behind for a life overflowing with peace, joy, freedom and fulfillment, be sure to tune into this episode as we unpack why creating space in our lives for God to fill is so powerful, and exactly how to do it.

What You'll Hear:

  • The power of living in surrender to God's love, grace, will and ways

  • Why true abundance and fulfillment come when we make our lives about our Father's business

  • The reason you can stop trying to figure out all the answers and live in your own strength

  • How to hear and discern God's will for each step of your life's journey

  • A reminder that God won't give you anything that He won't sustain

  • How to let go of shame and live from a place of freedom

  • Why your struggles are an opportunity for God’s glory to shine through your life

  • The importance of community and mentorship

  • Why developing discipline is necessary for your growth

  • Why creating space for God to fill sometimes requires giving something else up

  • The importance of creating an atmosphere of worship

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