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Ep. 41 | How to Create Systems to Simplify Your Life

One of the least sexy, but most transformational things I've done to simplify and streamline my life is create and maintain systems to keep #allthethings running as smoothly as possible.

I often get asked, "What do you mean when you talk about rhythms, routines and systems and how can they help me simplify my life?"

So, in this episode I'm breaking down exactly how you can create simple systems to increase your productivity and efficiency, decrease stress, make what matters most happen, and feel good about the way you're showing up in your life!

Are you ready? Let's DO this!

What You'll Hear:

  • Examples of 7 key areas your life that can be simplified by creating systems

  • How I've implemented systems in these areas to give you practical ideas

  • Simple steps to follow to create some new systems of your own

  • How asking specific questions can help you solve problems

  • The Japanese concept of "kaizen" and why it's important to be continually improving your systems

Links & References

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