Ep. 22 | Becoming Faith Chasers in an American Dream Culture with Ariel Tyson

Every day we have a choice to make: to chase hard after the life and purpose God created us for, or to blindly pursue the fleeting pleasures and happiness the world offers us. 

Living as a woman of faith in a world set on getting us to buy into the "American dream" can feel like a tall order on some days, and if we're being honest, many times we let our fear of making big faith moves stop us in our tracks.

In this episode I’m joined by Ariel Tyson, a wife, mom of 5 boys, church planter and author of the book Chase the Roar to discuss what it looks like to live fully surrendered to God’s purpose for your life, and how it often requires us to sacrifice our own ideas of what’s best for us (no matter how difficult it may be!)

This conversation is SO eye-opening and is sure to stir your faith on a deep level. I hope you enjoy!

What You'll Hear:

  • What led Ariel and her husband to move across the country with their family to start a new church

  • How fasting and praying can play a role in discerning God's will for your life

  • The 3 kinds of believers and how to determine which one you are

  • Why oftentimes we are simply called to do focus on what's most important right now

  • The importance of mentorship (both being mentored and mentoring others)

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All About Ariel:

Ariel Tyson is a daughter of the King, wife to a pastor, mom to five boys in six years, Montana church planter, author of Chase the Roar: Becoming Faith Chasers in an American Dream Culture, homeschooler, college professor, lay counselor, elementary ministry director, and holistic health entrepreneur. Before beginning her career as a professor, she served as the director of a teenage girls mentoring program and is now the Girls Rock director in her church.

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