Ep. 63 | A Self Care Pep Talk with Jaime MacLaughlin

Ep. 63: A Self Care Pep Talk with Jaime MacLaughlin

As modern women we typically have a LOT coming at us at any given moment.

Taking care of ourselves is often the last thing on our minds when babies are crying to be fed, kids need help going potty, laundry is piling up, bills need paid, and a never-ending string of text messages demand our attention.

But when we don’t prioritize taking care of ourselves, everything and everyone in our lives eventually suffers.

In this episode I’m joined by my friend and Founder of The Mac House Blog, Jaime MacLaughlin, to dig into what exactly self care is, what it looks like, why it’s so important, and how to actually make it happen.

Jaime is a wife, mom of four, and a former hair and makeup artist of 14 years with a huge passion for teaching women healthier habits and sustainable strategies to help them take care of themselves well in order to show up well for their lives and motherhood.

This gal has been through the trenches, knows what she’s talking about and will totally kick your butt and inspire you to start taking better care of yourself ASAP.

You’ll hear us cover things like:

  • Why self care is so important for modern women (especially moms!)

  • What self care looked like for us when our kids were really little, and what it looks like now

  • Practical tips for prioritizing self care and fitting it into your busy life

  • Ideas to help you simplify taking care of yourself and getting ready each day

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