Ep 09: 5 Ways to Cultivate Community in Your Life

I believe we were created to do life together, but in today’s digital culture, despite being more connected than ever, it can be really difficult to foster and maintain true connections with people.

In this episode I’m going to share a handful of ways to get really intentional about cultivating community right where you’re at, so you can begin enjoying all of the many gifts that having a thriving community will bring to your life.

What You'll Hear:

  • My personal confession (I'm not naturally great at community!)

  • Why you have to take initiative to prioritize connection

  • The importance of cultivating well-rounded community

  • Why you should start praying for and over your relationships

  • How to set and communicate boundaries in your relationships

  • The power of transparency & vulnerability in building community

  • Why building community takes courage (do it afraid!)

  • Why you should start giving what you want to receive

  • The importance of encouraging your tribe in truth & love

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