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Ep. 42 | Learn How to Eat with Confidence with Stephanie Webb

In this episode I’m joined by Stephanie Webb, who is a holistic nutritionist, eating psychology coach, and Founder of Nutrition Redefined where she works with women to take the guilt and stress out of healthy living.

Stephanie’s biggest passion is helping women heal their relationship with food, feel confident in their body, and eat well to feel good, and today we are unpacking SO much practical wisdom and encouragement in order to help YOU do just that!

What You'll Hear:

  • Stephanie’s personal struggle with body image, dieting, etc

  • Kelsey's personal struggle with controlling behavior and eating disorders

  • Why we need to stop viewing food as a personal "savior"

  • How to begin healing your relationship with food

  • Why you should ditch fear and control based diet rules

  • How to develop confidence in your own body

Links & References:

About Stephanie:

Stephanie Webb (MSHN) is holistic nutritionist, certified eating psychology coach, and founder of Nutrition Redefined, a popular podcast and online nutrition & wellness coaching practice. She loves helping women take the guilt and stress out of healthy living while raising her three kids. She has worked with hundreds of women in her online coaching practice and also teaches live in-person workshops all over the country. 

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Heal your relationship with food, feel confident in your body, and eat well to feel good  | The Better Life Project™ with Kelsey Van Kirk