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Ep. 35 | 10 Ways I've Simplified My Life

Over the past few years there is one question I get that keeps popping up: “What exactly have you done to help simplify your life?”

So for everyone who has asked or wondered, in this episode I’m getting super practical, tactical and transparent by sharing some of the 10 best things I’ve done over the years to simplify, streamline and systemize so I’m no longer chronically overwhelmed and stuck in the weeds of my own life.

My hope is that by sharing these tips and ideas you’ll be inspired to implement some of them in your own life so you can simplify and live a more peaceful, purposeful, productive life.

What You'll Hear:

  • How clarifying your vision, values, priorities and intentions simplifies your life by giving you direction and helping you make decisions (& how to figure them out to begin with!)

  • What exactly time blocking is and how to start implementing it in your own life

  • How learning to say "yes", and more importantly "no" to the right things can change your whole life (plus, examples of things I've personally said no to!)

  • How setting technology and communications boundaries has helped to simplify my life, and exactly what kinds of boundaries I've set

  • How I learned to stop trying to do everything myself and finally learned to outsource and ask for help in both my life and business

  • Why decluttering your physical and mental space is one of the best places to start when it comes to proactively trying to simplify your life

  • How simplifying our family's wardrobes has saved me time, energy, money, stress, and space

  • Practical ways I've learned to simplify eating healthy as a family (plus, all about the magic that is online grocery shopping!)

  • Tips for simplifying your house cleaning

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