Ep 00: Welcome to Simply, Life on Purpose

Welcome to Simply Life on Purpose

Happy New Year and WELCOME to the brand new Simply, Life on Purpose Podcast! I'm so glad you're here.

In this quick introduction you'll hear the heart and vision behind Simply, Life on Purpose and what you can expect as you follow along in the coming weeks!

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What You'll Hear:

  • The heart and vision behind the Simply, Life on Purpose movement
  • A little bit about the Founder of Simply, Life on Purpose, Kelsey Van Kirk
  • What you can expect as you follow along with this podcast
  • The life-changing power of embracing less to live more
  • Why learning to be deeply rooted in the freedom of God's grace is foundational to living on purpose
  • The steps you can take to get plugged into our community and begin live simplify + live on purpose


Ready To Simplify + Live On Purpose?

In this bite-sized, free audio training you'll learn three simple strategies that will help you clarify what really matters and live with focused intention every single day.

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