Ep 15: Change Your Language, Change Your Life

Ep 15: Change Your Language, Change Your Life

The way you think and speak about yourself matters - so much more than you may even realize.

In this episode we are going to talk about the life-changing power of words, or more specifically, how the words you use to describe yourself and your circumstances have the power to literally shape the reality you experience in your life.

If you’ve ever struggled with negative self talk or hard circumstances, my prayer is that you will find the hope and practical encouragement that you need to begin changing the narrative of your life and embracing the abundant life God has created you to enjoy.

What You'll Hear:

  • Why words we think and speak are SO tremendously powerful
  • The 3 biggest ways the enemy tries to keep us distracted and believing lives about ourselves and our circumstances
  • Why we have the power and authority to choose the kind of language we will use in our lives
  • My personal experience with changing my language and how it has resulted in finding complete freedom from chronic depression and anxiety
  • Examples of some of the lies I've believed throughout the course of my life (and examples of life-giving affirmations I now speak in place of believing those lies)
  • The TRUTH about you, your life and your circumstances
  • Practical steps to help you renew your mind, heart and spirit with TRUTH so you can begin allowing God to change your life by changing the language you're using

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