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November 2018 Powersheets Goals

Well friends, November is here and I’ve got to be honest: I feel like I have no idea where October went.

Toward the beginning of the month we all came down with a cold that unexpectedly wiped us out (particularly me) for the entire rest of the month!

Talk about setting goals and making plans, only for them to get chucked right out the window!!

But honestly, we’ve made the most of it and now that we’re all finally on the mend, I’m looking forward to jumping back into the swing of life as usual…but BETTER, since the holidays are upon us!

Here’s a quick peek at last month’s goals and what progress I was able to make despite being down and out with bronchitis and a chest injury…

Last Month’s Goals:

1. Start a local monthly book club - because of being sick I completely took this one off the table, but can’t wait to hopefully make it happen in Nov/Dec.

2. Restart our weekly fellowship group - took this one off the table too because of being sick. We will probably wait until after the new year to pick this up.

3. Plan our 10-year anniversary trip - Andrew and I discussed ideas and options for this, but no plans have been finalized yet because of waiting to hear back from family re: childcare.

4. Create webinar to build email list - slam dunked this one!

5. Launch The Better Life Blueprint - this one was also a slam dunk, despite being sick throughout the entire preparation and launch (and if you haven’t checked it out yet, you totally should!)

6. Set up Beautycounter funnel - I successfully created a new free email course called the #SafeSwapChallenge to help people learn why it’s so important to start using safer, healthier products and how I recommend getting started.

7. Work ahead with ongoing content production - sadly, even though I’d started working ahead at the beginning of the month, getting sick totally wiped all aspirations of further work batching :(

Weekly Goals:

1. Special time with kids (alternate each week) - this just didn’t happen last month since we were all sick. But we DID all spend quite a bit of quality time together haha ;)

2. Weekly planning session (personal and business) - I did successfully keep up with this each week.

3. Weekly meal planning - nope. Just a big ‘ol nope. Being sick and miserable = LOTS of soup on repeat for us all month haha!

4. Weekly bookkeeping (personal and business) - also successfully stayed on top of this for the most part!

5. Process email (personal and business) - I fell massively behind on email this past month, so now I’m playing catch up! I blocked the time to do it, but just didn’t have the energy or bandwidth to make it happen consistently so I let it go.

6. Complete weekly cleaning checklist - this also did not happen. We stayed on top of the bare basics, and called it good.

Daily Goals:

1. Devotion and worship - this daily goal was super hit or miss, but I’m grateful for what I was able to make happen.

2. Exercise and stretch - I got a few days in this month, but most of it was very low-key due to low energy and needing to rest. Looking forward to picking back up the pilates this month!

3. Read from book list - I read here and there from High Performance Habits and Preach to Yourself, but honestly watched more Hallmark Christmas movies than I did reading ;)

4. Journaling - Also pretty hit or miss, but again I’m ok with that during seasons of sickness!

5. Homeschool 4-5x/week - We have taken almost a full month off since everyone’s been feeling blah. And this, friends, is the beauty of homeschooling for which I’m SO grateful: flexibility. We’ll make it up in the coming weeks.

Ok, now here’s a peek at what’s on deck for me during the month of November!

The     Powersheets Intentional Goal Planner     is what I use to map out my goals and intentions each month. The 2019 collection is available NOW, but they always sell out fast so if you’re interested go grab a set now while you can!

The Powersheets Intentional Goal Planner is what I use to map out my goals and intentions each month. The 2019 collection is available NOW, but they always sell out fast so if you’re interested go grab a set now while you can!

This Month’s Goals:

1. Plan and host Thanksgiving

2. Plan and schedule holiday activities (I’m looking forward to having everything pinned down before the season really gets underway

3. Take updated family photos

4. Create and send family Christmas cards

5. Host Beautycounter holiday social (click here to get on my Beautycounter list so you don’t miss out!)

6. Plan out 12 Days of Christmas giveaways (click here to make sure your on my regular email list so you don’t miss out!)

7. Set up evergreen course funnels

8. Produce content through January 2019

9. Trip to see family in NoVa

Weekly Goals:

1. Sabbath day of rest

2. Date with Andrew

3. Date with kids (alternate weekly)

4. Family activity

5. Connect with friends (check in)

6. Solo outing

Daily Goals:

1. Journaling - cultivate gratitude, write what God is teaching me, write down intentions

2. Exercise & stretch - do as many online pilates workouts as possible

3. Read from book list - want to finish High Performance Habits and Preach to Yourself

4. Clean up - make sure the basics are covered daily

5. Homeschool - as much as we can, when we can to cover lost ground

Alright, that’s it for this month! Next month I’ll be back to fill you in on my progress for November, as well as share what I’ll be working on cultivating in December.

Feel free to share your goals and intentions for this month in the comments below, OR better yet come share them with us in The Better Life Project Facebook Community so we can cheer you on and hold you accountable!

P.S. If you aren’t yet using Powersheets to help you plan out your goals and intentions, they just released the 2019 collection and every year they sell out fairly quickly, so jump on it! You can click here to check them out.