My 2019 Goals

For the past month I’ve been taking life slow and steady, trying not to rush through anything and pressing pause on the all hustle.

It has been SO good and life-giving, and now I’m excited and feeling ready to jump into a fresh, new year with focus and intention.

A few days ago I shared that faithful is the word I chose to meditate on and cultivate in my life for 2019.

As I’ve been praying, processing, and preparing for this new season this word kept coming up, and after studying the word in depth and all of its implications, it totally makes sense.

To be faithful means to be consistently and wholeheartedly dedicated to a singleminded purpose, steadfast and unwavering in devotion.

This year (and beyond) I want to practice faithfulness in showing up well where it counts, for God’s glory and the good of others, which you’ll see is a common theme throughout the goals I’ve set.

For the past few years I’ve used the Powersheets Intentional Goal Planner to set goals and consistently tend to them, and they’ve been a game changer (you can click here to read more about how I use them!)

Okay, here’s the goals I’ve set for 2019 in no particular order…

1. Cultivate My Relationship With God

This is a continuation of my top goal for last year, which was to spend time in God’s presence every day. I made good, albeit imperfect progress on that goal throughout the year, and it’s only made me more hungry to know and follow God more deeply.

This year I want to be faithfully devoted to carving out time every day to study the Bible, pray, worship and grow in spiritual fruit, which I know will enable me to do everything God’s calling me to most effectively.

2. Make Healthy Choices Consistently

This is also a continuation of last year’s goal, which was to heal, nourish, and strengthen my body. I made pretty consistent headway with those first two things…but strengthening my body? Not so much (you can read more about it here!)

In 2019 I want to be faithful in getting regular exercise, good sleep, staying hydrated, and eating well so I’ll feel good, strong, and energized for the work God has for me to do each day.

3. Cultivate Strong, Connected Relationships

Y’all, I’ve got to be honest: relationships are hard for me. I’m a huge introvert, and often find myself going about life in my own little bubble, completely missing out on the opportunity and gift of really doing life with other people.

This year I want to practice faithfulness in cultivating stronger, deeper relationships with the family and friends God has put in my life and showing up well for them.

4. Stay Consistent with Household Rhythms & Routines

This one makes me laugh because it’s so ironic. I’m usually the queen of well-running rhythms and routines! But like I shared here, I’ve struggled to get us back on track after being sick for so long in the late fall and things like housekeeping, homeschool and healthy habits have suffered.

At the start of this year I’m making it a high priority to make any necessary adjustments to our rhythms and routines, and practice sticking with them faithfully each and every day.

5. Limit Distractions & Technology Use

One of the biggest practical challenges of the past year was how much Andrew and I allowed ourselves to be sucked into technology and social media use (the fact that we are both entrepreneurs, and my business is entirely online didn’t help!)

It is well beyond time to set some updated limits and boundaries in this area so we can be undistracted, faithful in what matters, and more effective in all we do.

I’ll finally be banning electronics from our bedroom, removing email from my phone, scheduling specific times to handle social media and email, and limiting TV and/or movies to only once or twice a week.

6. Read & Write More

For the past few years I’ve struggled to do much reading….I honestly think my brain was just too foggy and overloaded to be able to focus and retain anything. Writing, which is something that used to flow freely and naturally for me, has been equally challenging.

Thanks to working on healthier habits, better boundaries, and a slower pace of life throughout the past year this has already begun to improve, and I’m excited to work on cultivating this goal to read and write more in 2019.

Click here to check out the list of books I’ll be digging into reading this year!

7. Do Work That Points To Jesus & Helps People Live Better

I almost didn’t set a single goal for the area of work this year, because I’ve really been feeling God leading me to de-prioritize work in this season (a huge shift from the past few years).

But after wrestling it out in prayer, I’m now feeling clear, grounded and driven by one focus: to do work when I can, where I can (without any pressure) that simply serves people and guides them to the feet of Jesus.

Ok friends, that’s it for me! What about you? Did you set any goals for this year?

I’d love to hear what you’ll be focusing on in 2019, so let me know in the comments below, over on Instagram or Facebook.