March 2018 PowerSheets Goals

Sitting down to right this post, I'm realizing that it's been a hot minute since I've blogged!

Ever since I uncovered my love for podcasting, taking the time to write out my thoughts has fallen by the wayside.

But, as I continually purpose to cultivate a life that flows with rhythmic intention, I'm feeling the itch to get still and quiet with my thoughts and practice writing again.

So, we'll start with something easy...a reflection on the past month and a purposeful welcoming of a new month.

The past month has been a wild ride, to be honest. It was filled to overflowing with so much goodness (and some not-so-great things thrown in too!)

Kelsey Van Kirk | Simply, Life on Purpose

Here's what went down...

Celebrated my 28th birthday

Attended a small mastermind retreat with some powerhouse ladies down in Savannah, GA (I'm looking at you Diana, Val, Natalie and Whitney!)

Got to hang out with my amazing friend Sam in real life on the way home from Savannah

Celebrated Valentine's Day and our 9th wedding anniversary by going out for an epic day day (complete with massages, all you can eat sushi, and a night at the movies!)

Celebrate Mardi Gras as a family (super fun, silly time!)

Lots of orthopedic appointments with Julianna to care for her 2nd-time arm break 🙄

Hosted a tea party for the girls, their friends and their moms (who are also my friends!) Y'all, there were 11 little girls at my house...ELEVEN!

Stepped away from my role as Content Director at Boss Mom (on totally good terms - just time to move on and free up some time and brain space!)

Had another middle-of-the-night pain flareup (I've had them sporadically for the past 3 years) and realized I need to do something about it

Cut out sugar, eating only real food and joined a gym to work on strength & health

Decided to observe Lent as a family for the first time - we are LOVING it! (And using this calendar to help us dig deep and draw closer to the Lord in this season)

Began The Power of a Praying Wife Challenge, which is still going strong and making a HUGE impact in my life and marriage (as well as the lives and marriages of countless others - yay!)

Recorded lots of awesome podcasts and interviews that have been changing peoples' lives (which is beyond amazing to me) #grateful 🙏

Kelsey Van Kirk | Simply, Life on Purpose

February was a month of going deeper with God and discovering new depths of who He is, who He created me to be and what He's calling me to in this season.

It was a month of learning to fully surrender, in every area of my life - marriage, motherhood, homemaking, business, health, finances, community, etc - and trust that God's plan is greater, and more beautifully abundant than I could ever imagine.

I claimed new territory and covered a lot of ground in seeking His will and making each day about my pursuit of Him, instead of myself or my own plans.

And now, we press on into a new month!

I'm going to start doing a monthly recap and goals post like this to share my intentions for each month, what I'm learning and how I'm keep me accountable and in the habit of writing and sharing with you!

(PS - I use the PowerSheets from Cultivate What Matters to map out my goals and intentions. You can find them here using my affiliate link, which supports our Greater Impact Initiative!)

So here's what's on deck for the month of March...


Monthly Goals:

Lead The Sisterhood well. As an introvert, consistently showing up and engaging with people is a challenge for me, and currently I'm running this passion project (IE: business) all by my lonesome. I'm praying through bringing in some extra hands, but for now I've mapped out a plan to consistently show up, engage with and lead my membership community well.

Complete Meghan's projects. Focusing on serving a friend a client well by diving into some big projects for her business this month.

Reconcile 2017 finances and file taxes. This was on my goals list for last month, but it didn't get done so it is high priority this month. Because, #adulting.

Read 4 books. One of my 2018 goals is to read 30 books by the end of the year, and so far I haven't made this a priority. That changes this month! I plan to read a book every week by designating 30 minutes of my nightly pre-sleep routine to reading. Check out my picks for this month below.

Host a health class with Meghan. Excited about this! Meghan is a dear friend, chiropractor and healthy living advocate who is just a gem and so full of healthy living wisdom. I can't wait to team up with her to host a class all about prioritizing (and simplifying!) living a healthy lifestyle. Stay tuned for more details!

Batch March & April podcasts. I've not been working anywhere near the way I like to (because #life) and things have been in production down to the very last minute more times than I can count. This month I plan to finally get ahead by batching podcast content so I can breathe a bit easier!

Create April Sisterhood content. I love praying and working through the process of creating new content to serve and lead my membership community well! It's all so that we will continue to know Him more, and make Him known by boldly pursuing a life well-lived in all things 🙌

Read through Lent 2018 Calendar. This is such a sweet part of my day with my family. We read our calendar cards and the reading guide, which has us digging into scripture together and always leads to awesome conversations.

Host a Passover seder meal. This is a new thing for our family this year, and I'm so excited! We have some Jewish heritage on my mom's side of the family, and it's been on my heart more and more lately to learn about the history, culture and traditions of God's people and embrace some of those traditions ourselves as family. I love this from Lara Casey: "There is so much meaning and symbolism in the seder that illuminates the power of the resurrection and God’s big picture plan for Jesus to be our Passover lamb. Ooooh it’s just so good!"

Attend Mastermind retreat in WI. Nope, this isn't a typo. I'm headed to Wisconsin for another (different) mastermind retreat this month with my girls Diana (again), Meghan and Natalie! I'm so looking forward to a life-giving time of refreshment, community and revelation as we seek what God has for our lives and businesses in this season.

Kelsey Van Kirk | Simply, Life on Purpose

Weekly Goals:

The goal is to complete each of these 3 out of 4 weeks

Sacred Sabbath. Over the past few months I've been on a mission to surrender and overcome my workaholism by consecrating Sundays as sacred Sabbath days to rest, worship, celebrate and prepare physically, mentally and emotionally for a new week. This means NO work. It's been so life-giving and I savor these days more and more as time goes on.

Exercise at least 3x/week. I just joined a new gym a few days ago that is a 3-min drive around the corner from my house - yay! I plan to go every weekday morning from 6:15-7:15am. So far I'm 2 days in and loving it. I've tried to make at-home workouts happen, but I just don't do it consistently. I like physically going somewhere to exercise.

Date night with hubby. We've been super consistent about this, which has been so nice! Most of the time we stay in and watch a favorite show or movie, play cards or board games, or give each other back rubs while talking and dreaming about the future. Hoping to make one fun date night out this month happen.

Family night with kids. We've also been super consistent with this since January and it's made a world of difference to have a designated special time to connect and have fun together as a family each week. This week we're going to a family movie night at our church to see Coco!

Weekly cleaning checklist. February was busy, so regular cleaning didn't happen as often as I like. I'm designating 2 hours each Saturday morning for the whole family to pitch in and get the house cleaned well.

Connect & engage in The Sisterhood. Each week I have a checklist of ways I want to be present and engaged with the gals in my membership community. Hoping this will help keep me focused and able to serve and lead well.

Connect with my "Inner 12." Recently I've been feeling like my plate is overly full and too connected, so I've been praying about where God may be leading me to prune my attention, focus, commitments and relationships. After prayerfully culling through the list of people in my life and making decisions (following God's leading) about who I will focus on consistently connecting with and allow access to me in this season, my list is down to 12 that I'm calling my "inner circle." (Just like Jesus and His 12 disciples - neat, right?!)

Daily Goals:

No sugar | Goal: 31 days

Sleep 7 hours | Goal: 24 days

Devotion | Goal: 31 days

Homeschool | Goal: 15 days

Read POPW Book | Goal: 22 days

Kelsey Van Kirk | Simply, Life on Purpose

Reading List:

Building a Storybrand: Clarify Your Message So Customers Will Listen

You Are Equipped: How to Do Hard Things with Grace, Love & Grit

Equipped to Execute: Guiding Moms to Joyfully Impact Family & Business

Give Me Christ: Revelations of the Glorified 

Traction: Get a Grip on Your Business (this one's a bonus, if I have time)

Ok, now it's YOUR turn! What intentions are you setting and what are you digging into for the month of March? Feel free to share in the comments below! I love hearing from you :)