How to Use Trello to Simplify Your Whole Life

Over the past several years I've added quite a few roles and responsibilities to my job description on this earth....I got married, popped out four babies, decided to homeschool them and then decided to start my own business from home.

Needless to say, this mama's hands are very, very full. (At least according to the dozen or so strangers that tell me so anytime we go out in public!)

Now I am by nature a pretty Type A, organized, task-oriented kind of person. I like for things to be neat and tidy and relatively predictable....this helps me feel free to live life the way I want to.

I've always loved using planners and notebooks and calendars to map out my schedule, to-do lists, goals, and so on.

The problem is that at this point in my life, keeping track of everything on paper just isn't realistic anymore. There are too many things that are constantly changing, between juggling the lives and schedules of six family members, different tasks and to-do's with homeschooling, and an online business with many moving parts.

My Life at a Glance

When I sit down and think about all of the "categories" of my life, I can pretty much sum them up as follows: faith, self care, marriage, parenting, home management, homeschooling, business and community.

We are in a season of life where my husband and I are both home a good portion of most days during the week. Andrew still works outside the home two days a week, but the rest of the time he's home working on his business or taking care of the kids while I work.

In my business, I work an average of 30-35 hours per week on both my personal brand and doing content marketing services for other online business clients.

On an average day I get up sometime between 5:30-6:30am to get a few hours of work done before the household wakes up. I love having this quiet space to start my day off (in peace!) and tackle the most important work tasks on my list.

Once Andrew and the kids are awake we have breakfast together and get everyone ready for the day. The rest of the morning is spent with one of us working, while the other handles the kids' schooling, errands and housework.

Next up is lunch and nap time (which is sacred in my house - yes, EVERYONE is required to have rest time, including me if possible!!) If absolutely necessary I will do a little work during this time, but I usually need a restful recharge in the middle of the day, so I try to make myself take that time.

After nap time is over, either Andrew or I will continue working while the other manages the kids and home, as well as getting dinner ready.

We have dinner as a family (unless Andrew is working outside of the home, he usually gets home after dinner) and get started on our evening bed time routine.

A few nights a week I will plan to get some work done in the evenings, one night a week is reserved for date night, and the remaining few are left open.

How to Get it All Done

For most people, the categories of life I mentioned above would look fairly similar. We all have full lives, with lots of dreams, goals, plans and to-do's!

But this reality begs an inevitable question: how do we keep up with it all?! If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me, "How do you do it all??" I'd be a very wealthy woman sitting here typing to you today!

Here's the truth: I don't do it least not all at the same time, with equal focus, and well. That form of balance is a myth, it just doesn't exist! And I'm learning to be okay with that.

What I have learned, however, is there are things and resources out there that can help you simplify your busy, filled-to-the-brim life and manage it more efficiently.

Case in point? Trello!

What Exactly is Trello?

I'm so glad you asked! Honestly, I'm a total geek about my love for Trello and could sit here and gush about it to you all day long. BUT, ain't nobody got time for that, so I'll do my best to keep this short.

Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 10.15.40 AM.png

In a nutshell, Trello is a free digital management and organizational tool that helps you keep track of everything in your life, from the big picture to the minute details.

It helps you create an organizational framework to manage the different parts of your life or business, freeing you up to get more done with less stress.

Sound too good to be true? Think again!

How I Use Trello to Simplify My Life & Business

Going back to the categories I mentioned earlier, I have figured out how to use Trello to simplify and organize my approach to each of those categories in a way that makes me feel like I'm not just flying by the seat of my pants and letting life happen to me.

Below I'm going to show you a snapshot of each of my personal "boards" (the places you organize each area of your life) as well as a little bit about how I actually use them.

Goal Planning & Intentional Living

This is the board I use to do my big picture thinking, dreaming, brainstorming and planning for my life as a whole. It's really helpful for ensuring that I prioritize intentional living and goal setting, as well as celebrating milestones and learning through reflection of what has and hasn't worked in my life.

Schedule & Task Management

This is the board I pretty much spend every day of my life in. I list out all the things I need to do personally and in my business, then I assign them throughout the week to keep me on track.

Home Management

The Home Base board is a complete lifesaver because I can keep track of all important family-related information in one easy-to-access spot. Plus, I've added my husband to the board so he's able to see and access it all for himself too.

Business Management

When I first got started with using Trello it was to have an organized, efficient way to manage my online business. I have a couple of boards to manage the different pieces of my business, and I honestly don't know how I would keep up with it all without Trello!


We are just getting to the point where my bigger girls are old enough that I have to stay organized and keep track of details, lesson plans, ideas, etc for their schooling. Having one spot to store and see everything make it sooooo much simpler on this mama!

How You Can Get Started with Trello Yourself

Simply put, Trello has radically transformed the way that I live my life on a daily basis. It's helped me simplify and streamline in a season of life that could be (and often is!) very overwhelming.

But I will let you in on a secret.....when I was first introduced to Trello, I actually hated it! True story! I had built up high expectations in my mind because of what other people had told me, but when I created a free account and sat down to get it set up.....I felt totally lost.

I really believe that Trello could be the answer you've been looking for to help you feel more in control of your daily life and all the moving pieces in it. But I don't want you to have the same experience I did in getting started on your own!

To make sure that doesn't happen, I decided to create a new course called Simplify Your Life with Trello that will walk you through all the ins and outs of getting started with Trello and customizing it for your specific needs.

The course will be released on May 31st, but....I didn't want you to have to wait that long! So, if you're anxious to try Trello out for yourself and would love a little bit of hand-holding through the process, click the button below to access my FREE Trello Quickstart Guide.

In the Trello Quickstart Guide you'll receive a sampling of video tutorials, downloadable PDFs and I'm even throwing in a free template of the My Week board that you can copy, customize and use for yourself!

When you sign up to receive the Trello Quickstart Guide, you'll also be notified before anyone else when Simplify Your Life with Trello is available for purchase (and there might even be a special surprise in store as well!)

So tell me....are you ready to dive in and simplify your life with Trello! If so, click here.