2017 Holiday Gift Guide for Purposeful Women

The Simply, Life on Purpose 2017 Holiday Gift Guide for Purposeful Women is here!

I am a big believer in cultivating a "less is more" mentality, and that especially applies during the holidays.

Instead of getting caught up in how much we can buy, how much we can decorate, and how much we can do, I'm endeavoring to simplify and be really mindful about what I choose to do and buy, for myself and for others.

This gift guide has been thoughtfully curated with practical, purposeful, and meaningful gifts that I use and love myself (or are on my own Christmas list this year!)

Whether you're shopping for friends and family members, or looking for ideas to add to your own list, this guide should have you covered.


Simply Life on Purpose 2017 Holiday Gift Guide

1. Yearly Prayer Journal from Val Marie Paper

This beautiful journal from my friend Val has been thoughtfully designed to help you cultivate the skill and discipline of prayer in your busy, noisy life. With 3 beautiful colors to choose from (I chose Camellia Pink!) and gorgeous gold spiral binding, this journal is so pretty you'll find yourself wanting to pick it up and use it every day!

2. FitBit Alta Fitness Tracker

This is one of my favorite things to help me stay on track with my health and fitness goals. The fact that it keeps track of how many steps I take, how many miles I've walked, how many floors of stairs I've climbed, how many calories I've burned, and even my sleeping patterns each day, takes so much of the guesswork out of staying fit and healthy. Plus, I love the super cute bands you can wear with it!

3. She Reads Truth Bible

This beauty is one of the things on my Christmas list this year (since I'm due for an upgrade!) The She Reads Truth Bible has been thoughtfully created with the modern woman in mind and includes devotionals, reading plans, historical background and context, a carefully curated topical index, and wide margins for journaling and taking notes. And I'm a total fan of the gorgeous gray linen cover!

4. Amazon Prime Membership

Amazon Prime (and the beloved free 2-day shipping!) has completely and irrevocably changed my life for the better. The fact that I can hop online to find literally anything I need, place my orders with the click of a button, and have my purchases in hand in less than 2 days (without ever having to leave home) is beyond amazing. This busy mama of four is a believer - and I think you will be too ;)

5. Write the Word Journal from Cultivate What Matters

These pretty little journals from my friend Lara Casey are amazing for helping you simplify the process of digging into the Word. With space to write out passages of scripture, thoughts and prayers each day, these journals will help you and your loved ones get intentional about cultivating your faith.

6. Audible Monthly Membership

I am a HUGE book lover. But, sadly over the past year, I have found myself struggling to actually read physical books without falling asleep 2 page in! Enter: Audible, my knight in shining armor. After trying the free trial membership, I was completely hooked. Now I'm able to "read" all the books that have been piling up on my list while working out, cleaning the house, folding laundry, or driving. Seriously, SUCH a game changer.

7. GoGlass Water Bottle

Remembering to drink enough water each day has been a battle of mine for as long as I can remember! But bottom line: when I have a pretty (and functional) water bottle that I love to use, it becomes much, much easier. This is my current fave!

8. Powersheets Intentional Goal Planner from Cultivate What Matters

This is my not-so-secret weapon to being super focused and intentional in all areas of my life. Unlike a regular planner, this goal planner has been created to help you uncover good goals and make the things that matters most happen in your life. They just released their 2018 editions and they are stunning. (I'm getting ready to dig into mine as soon as I finish this post!)

9. Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp

I've wanted one of these for about a million years, and finally remembered to put it on my list this year ;) Not only are these lamps pretty, but when warmed the salt crystal emits negative ions that fight against electromagnetic radiation and purifies the air in your home.

10. The Acoustic Sessions by Elevation Worship

This album, released by my church earlier this year, has been on repeat in our home and is unbelievably life-giving and refreshing. Grab one for yourself and everyone else on your list too - trust me, it's that good.

11. Grace Over Guilt Tee from The Balanced Life

I love this pretty tee from my friend Robin Long, creator of The Balanced Life Online, where her mantra is "grace over guilt" (one that I totally subscribe to as well!)

12. Simplified Planner from Emily Ley

Emily Ley is the queen of simplified productivity, which is why her planner is one of the best one's you'll find out there! I love her simplified approach to planning and managing your monthly, weekly and daily to-do's in one streamlined, organized place. Not to mention, these planners are drop dead gorgeous!

13. Thrive Market Membership

Thrive Market has been a favorite in my home for years because I'm able to order healthy products for our home and kitchen at wholesale prices, with free shipping on orders over $49, and have them delivered right to our door! Healthy and convenient for the win!

14. Barre3 Monthly Membership

I just recently started this online barre workout monthly membership and I'm LOVING it so far. Even though I've always preferred to workout at the gym, it isn't super conducive to my lifestyle as a busy work at home, homeschooling mama to four little ones! With these online classes, I can workout anywhere, and I love the workouts themselves. As a former ballet dancer, I love the focus on building strength, endurance, and sculpting lean, long muscles.

15. Voluspa Saijo Persimmon Candle Tin

I had to add this little goodie to the list because of how much joy it brings me on a daily basis! I keep this candle on my desk and it always feels like such a treat to light it when I feel like pampering myself while I work. And the scent is out of this world amazing!

16. Welcome Home Guest Book from Southern Weddings

This is the last item on my wish list this year, and I absolutely LOVE the idea of having a pretty little guest book in our home for visitors to leave messages in. Growing up my grandparents had a guest book, and one of my favorite parts of visiting was getting to leave them a note. I'm sure they found just as much joy in reading through all the notes left by those who had come and gone through their home.

And to finish things off, I can't forget about The Simplicity Method, my signature course designed to help busy, frazzled, overwhelmed women find peace, purpose and joy through simplified living.

If you want to give a special lady in your life a gift that will change her life, and truly keep on giving for years to come, consider blessing her with enrollment in The Simplicity Method.

Ps - there may or not be a BIG sale happening on Black Friday, so stay tuned if this is something you're interested in grabbing for yourself or a friend ;)

xo Kelsey

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