15 Easy Ways to Simplify Your Life Today

One of the biggest reasons I get so overwhelmed by things in my life is letting things get so darn overcomplicated! Can you relate?

We live in a day and age where technology has made many aspects of life a lot more convenient. Gone are the days where delayed gratification and persistence were the norm.

Now, we find ourselves in a culture where we can have nearly anything we could possibly want at the press of a button (for the right price, of course!)

Over the years we've been told that we can be anything, do anything, and have anything we want so long as we're willing to work hard to make it happen.

We've grown to expect that things will work out in our favor and that we deserve everything we could possibly dream of if we're willing to show up and do the work.

This isn't inherently untrue, but....the reality is that there are things outside the realm of our control that can influence the trajectory of our lives.

We have limitations. Other people's decisions and choices affect us. It's impossible to predict outcomes in life with guaranteed certainty.

So why then, do we assume we should be able to do and be and have #allthethings, all the time?! It's just not realistic - which is why it's so crucial to know what the most important things are to us so that we can focus more on those things, and less on the rest.

When we try to do everything perfectly, and follow every single step imaginable to accomplish everything we want to accomplish, we inevitably overcomplicate our lives and businesses - which is guaranteed to overwhelm you every. single. time.

There's good news though, mama - there are plenty of things you can do though to take personal responsibility for your time, your life and your level of overwhelm.

Here are just a few examples of practical ways you can start simplifying your life today.....

Simplify Your Schedule

  1. Cross off everything on your to-do list that doesn't have to get done today - then find other time slots in your week to assign them to
  2. Set alarms with labels in your phone to remind you to do important things (ex: drink water, read to the kids or map out your week)
  3. Set pre-determined timers on your phone to keep yourself focused and productive when tackling projects on your to-do list

Simplify Your Home

  1. Take 10 minutes to un-clutter the surfaces in your home and throw away/donate anything that doesn't have a place or use (be ruthless!)
  2. Keep a box or bag in your car that is stocked with helpful essentials for any occasion (ex: snacks, water bottles, extra diapers, wipes, first aid, sunscreen, pen & paper, etc)
  3. esignate a spot in your home where you will always put (and be able to find!) the things you need to grab before heading out the door (ex: your keys, wallets, bags, diaper bags etc)

Simplify Your Meals

  1. Create a family recipe index - a collection of your favorite, easy-to-make, go-to recipes that will make ongoing meal planning a breeze
  2. Start buying your groceries online for delivery or pickup and save yourself the hassle of loading the kids up to shop in the stores (Amazon Pantry, Thrive Market, Harris Teeter, Walmart and Food Lion are some great options)
  3. Double recipes whenever you can and store the extra portions in the fridge for future meals

Simplify Your Family Rhythms

  1. Plan ahead by choosing your family’s outfits and laying them out the night before
  2. Find one thing in your daily life that you can outsource to a family member, friend or hired help (remember, you don't need to do all the things!)
  3. Sync your calendar with your spouse so there are no scheduling miscommunication

Simplify Your Technology

  1. Turn off all social media and email notifications on your phone and only check them at pre-scheduled times throughout your day
  2. Use online banking to set up automatic bill pay for all your accounts
  3. Unsubscribe from email lists that are clogging up your inbox at Unroll.me

And, if you're ready to start planning, organizing and managing your life with greater ease, I would totally recommend that you check out this post on how using Trello can help you simplify your entire life.

Then, if you're ready to actually put thought into action, hop over here to enroll (fo' free!) in my new class, The Trello Quickstart Guide. Seriously, try it....it just might change your life!