I'm not sure exactly what led you here or what you story is, but here is the biggest thing I want you to know:


I believe you were created for a unique and beautiful purpose by a God who wants

to fill your life to overflowing with peace, love, joy and freedom.


As women, wives and moms living in a fast-paced, perfection-focused world it can be all too easy to lose sight of this simple

truth....but it's a truth that I believe we must cling tightly to in order to do more than just survive this precious life we've been given.

Kelsey Van Kirk

If you've ever found yourself longing for the kind

of more that feels like less....


  • Less to-do's & more moments
  • Less overwhelm & more margin
  • Less noise & more focus
  • Less anxiety & more peace
  • Less hustle & more ease
  • Less exhaustion & more energy
  • Less comparison & more connection
  • Less discontentment & more fulfillment
  • Less "should" & more freedom


Then friend, you are in the right place!

Simply, Life on Purpose™ is a movement sparked by my deep desire to

steward the precious gift of life well.


This is a space for women just like you to be inspired, encouraged and equipped to take ownership of your ability to

choose the kind of life you will lead and create space to nourish and nurture the things that matter most.


Here we believe in seeking God as the true source of peace, purpose and joy as we learn to

simplify our full lives, create space for what matters and live....you guessed it, on purpose!


No matter where you're at in your journey, whether you actually believe what I believe yet or not, know

that you are deeply loved, cared for and welcome here, and I want nothing more than to see you

flourish as you learn to cultivate a meaningful life with grace-filled intention.

So...are you ready to make a change?


If so, I hope you'll come join us in our free, online Facebook group, the

Simply, Life on Purpose Community, a special place for women just like you to

gather + grow while learning to simplify and live on purpose.


We're ready and waiting to welcome

you with wide open arms!


Kelsey Van Kirk